Life is an adventure, a discovery, an awakening…

::Go out and explore. Discover others. Discover yourself. Breathe in everything. Enjoy every emotion, every color, every sensation. Go inward and explore:: My poems, blogs, stories, & meditations are all inspired by exploration. Exploration of the world outside of me, and in turn, exploration of the world inside of me.

I write to pull what is internal out into the physical world, to detach, look objectively, and better understand the inner workings of my being–and by doing so, hopefully illuminate hidden aspects of a stranger’s psyche as well simply by allowing them to learn about mine. I hope others will read my writing & better understand an aspect of humanity, and perhaps comprehend another little sliver about themselves.

::Nicole Brooke Rosen::

Graduated with a BA in Creative Writing from Gonzaga University


Social Media Marketing Strategist + Verbal Illustrator

My most recent adventure has been writing for Bliss Wedding Design & Spectacular Events and Anna Kim Photography. I look at what they have created or moments they have captured, and I let my mind run wild.

What makes writing about weddings so rewarding? A wedding symbolizes hope–hope that love truly does conquer all, and faith that this relationship, this love, is the one to transcend all of life’s obstacles and live on with an everlasting flame. When two people make their vows to each other, it is another moment where humanity yet again proves to be beautifully blind and totally crazy. Not every marriage will last. Yet people still get married. People still hold on to that belief that love is powerful enough to prevail. And I love that. I love that humans are insane enough to believe in fairy tales. I love that we still see magic in life and that we believe in things we can’t see or explain. I love how love unites us all, makes us all blind yet helps us find clarity, and reminds us that we are all human. The minute we let go of faith and let that sparkle fade from our eyes, that is the moment the color of life starts to disappear. We must always believe in magic. We must always believe in love. It is the heartbeat of life.

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