Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me

Follow my sugary perfume, my dear,

and splash along my breeze. Come back to me.

Swim into my sandy embrace to clear

away the lead and ink that might appear

in the veins of overworked hands. Just be

still in the lullaby that rocks you here.

Whisper into my dew-dropped emerald ear

all your wild adventures. What did you see?

Oh, follow my crashing sound waves, my dear,

back to my sparkling shore. Come and lay near.

I can illuminate all you can be.

With my amber glow you will spin in sheer

golden threads—an impenetrable sphere.

Shimmering, they will ignite you like a tree

pierced by Zeus’ strength. All will disappear

except the goddess in you that has no fear.

Come bask along my curves. Come dance with me.

Swirl down into your depths where all is clear.

Come home to my pure love. Come home my dear.

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