Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

You were always a mermaid of the air,

they told me. Giggling at the invisible

waves running through my hair, I

would squeal at every tickle

my unearthly swimming brought me.

I gave all of my trust to those hands and arms—

tree trunks covered in black moss—

warm, strong, big enough to hold me

up. His hands and his arms were my home.

No matter how high he threw me up, no matter how far

I swam above him, I would always return. He would always

catch me. He would always reel me back in like a fish

being tugged back into its salty home.

I laughed when he would catch me, after my

sea breeze swim. He would laugh too,

and our voices would intertwine and float

together into the mist, spinning into one thread.

Push, pull, throw, catch. The ebb

and flow of relationships and of life never

cease, they never falter. Laugh with every

crash and sway. Spread your sail and catch the cobalt wind.

There are hands out there, perfectly molded to catch you.

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