Kingdom Down Kauhikoa Road

Kingdom Down Kauhikoa Road

Shimmering pale fairy wings sprout

from my naked, caramel back, glistening

from the dew droplets of glitter some

unknown hand must have sprinkled down.

Each little piggy burrows herself

into the cool earth, wiggling away

from everything except

her own mossy blanket.

In my floral kingdom, I am

the beloved princess. I am the queen.

My smooth hands lightly push

back the glossy doors—rich greens

with red and yellow veins

like the fingers of the sun illuminating

my entire kingdom. All is quiet

as I tip-toe along every soft, fertile corridor.

I hear my name in the distance, like

an old dream whispering for me to return.

But I don’t. I don’t want to.

I’d rather stay where my feet

kiss the grass and the rainbow colored

flowers blow kisses back. I’d rather stay

where nothing will break

and the hardest decision is which

flower’s perfume to try on next.

So I keep walking. Slowly. I take

in the smells, drinking in their nectar.

The scent of lingering rain. The dizzying

innocence of jasmine. The rustic homes

of busy earthworms. My nose welcomes

the many flavors tumbling in, seeping

into my malleable brain.

My feet are stained by the grassy kisses

and the muddied floor. But I like it

that way. I could roll in the earth

all day long, consuming my kingdom’s

sweet, sticky smells. I could live

hidden under canopy in my

secret, wooded cave.

I could dance to the angel’s

pink and white trumpets and

make wishes with every dandelion’s breath.

But I will return through the mist to the whispering

dream, and my spectacularly dolled up feet will

once again be washed and stripped of the gifts from my kingdom.

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