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Watching the sun rise up through the clouds while standing on the peak of Haleakala is often on a Maui visitor’s bucket list. It is magical, witnessing the vibrant and colorful waking of an untouched day.

However, a less commonly talked about, yet much less exhausting (as the sun rises as early as 5:30am) option is to watch the sun set. From this high elevation of 10,023 feet the sun does not simply lazily sink down behind the clouds and rugged horizon, but rather, it ends its day as it begins it, with a fiery boldness as it takes its final bow.

Don’t let the beautiful images of lush tropical jungles and beaches bathed in warm sunshine trick you, Maui can get cold. Whether you are watching the sun rise or set, you will want to bundle up. Especially if the wind is blowing as hard as it was the other night (at least 50 MPH), Nature will make you earn your visual entertainment by testing your dedication with its chilling breath. The view, however, is absolutely worth it.

Life is about the moments that inspire, that make everything else in your life pause, that make you tingle with the simultaneous sensation of feeling so small and yet so expansive in your connection to everything surrounding you.

If you are here for your wedding, this is a perfect place to take a breath, get a new perspective, and start or end your day holding your other half as you watch the sun’s brilliant presentation from the top of world.


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