Storm Lyrics


Maui has been flooded with thunder and flashes of lightning this past month–a rare theatrical addition to our usually bright and sunny summer.

One night, during a particularly dramatic storm–I cozied up in a nest of blankets and quickly wrote this poem while my boyfriend strummed his guitar.

It took a few moments- just flowed from pen to paper. Matching the cadence of the falling raindrops. Becoming one with the storm…


Rain is falling

bodies sprawling

there ain’t nothing

better than a night like this

Velvet lips, kissed with red

leave stains of poison

over limbs and bed

Flesh and steel dance together

in a drunken stupor

their rhythm and heartbeats

intertwine forever

And the raindrops fall harder

as our bodies lose their form

matching the metronome of the thunder

becoming one with the storm.


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